60 Groovy Vintage Photos That Will Bring Back Some Good Memories

Comedy, mystery, and intrigue… so much had yet to be done in the magical world of entertainment industry during the groovy era. Groundbreaking science fiction films (based on earlier novels) could finally be produced. What we now consider formulaic television was fresh back then, everything was brand new! Let your mind wander back to simpler times and rediscover these classic moments and the people who made them.  

Patty Duke starred in The Patty Duke Show as Patty and Cathy Lane which lasted from 1963 to 1966.

Source: Pinterest
Pictured here is Patty Duke, who held two starring roles in The Patty Duke Show as Patty and Cathy Lane. The show was created as a vehicle for the rising star and ran from 1963 to 1966, for a total of 105 episodes. It centers around two identical cousins and the expected shenanigans that arise when dealing with teenage girls. As the theme song says… “you could lose your mind, when cousins are two of a kind.”
The show’s synopsis reads: “Cathy Lane, teen-aged daughter of a globe-trotting journalist, comes to live at the home of her uncle, a newspaper editor in New York City. Curiously, Cathy is the spitting image of her uncle's daughter, Patty. Appearances aside, however, the urbane Cathy is nothing like her cousin Patty, who is the typical American teenager.”

Farrah Fawcett was a guest on the 'Sonny & Cher Show' in 1977.

Source: Pinterest
Here we have a photo from an episode of The Sonny & Cher Show back in 1977 when Farrah Fawcett appeared as a guest. In it, Farrah and Cher played talking storefront mannequins! Both iconic beauties donned glamorous dresses and makeup, but of course the move awkwardly because they are mannequins. So, the deal is, no one can know that they are actually alive so when humans are around they have to stay perfectly still, but once alone, they can reanimate. Then two guys come in and they start messing around in the store and reposing the mannequins… as you can imagine things got uncomfortable

Paul Newman and Robert Redford playing ping-pong on the set of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', 1969.

Source: Reddit
Here’s a classic of actors Paul Newman and Robert Redford playing ping-pong back in 1969. The two leading men were on the set of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' at the time.
This American Western was directed by George Roy Hill and is loosely based on the real Wild West outlaws Robert LeRoy Parker, known as Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman), and his partner Harry Longabaugh, the "Sundance Kid" (Robert Redford). After a string of train robberies, the partners in crime go on the run with Sundance's lover, Etta Place (Katharine Ross), and head to Bolivia to continue their criminal careers

Raquel Welch lounging around in 1967.

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Here’s a nice shot of a sultry looking Raquel Welch lounging around back in 1967. Welch may have been one of the most popular sex symbols of 1960s and 1970s. In a sea of blonde bombshells, Welch broke the mold of what it meant to be a sex symbol. Despite her impressively long resume, she’ll probably always be best remembered for her role in “One Million Years BC.”
She was in Bedazzled (1967), Bandolero! (1968), 100 Rifles (1969) and Myra Breckinridge. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy in 1974 for her performance in The Three Musketeers. She was cast in Right to Die in 1987, and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Television Film for her performance.
Welch also took on the fitness industry with “The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program.” In more recent years she’s taken on the business world, launching her own signature line of wigs, jewelry, and skincare products. Welch was also selected as the newest face of MAC Cosmetics Beauty Icon series

A 21-year old rock 'n roll legend named Buddy Holly. (1958)

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Here we have a 21-year old rock 'n roll legend named Buddy Holly back in 1958, whose life was cut tragically short by a plane crash just one year after this photo was taken. 
Buddy Holly is considered a pioneer in rock and roll, during his short career, Holly wrote, recorded, and produced his own material. He is often regarded as the artist who defined the traditional rock-and-roll lineup of two guitars, bass, and drums. 
Holly influenced some of rock's greatest contributors like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Bob Dylan. Holly was among the first artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, back in 1986, and Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 13 on their "100 Greatest Artists" list

Meryl Streep always had great hair, especially here in Woody Allen’s 1979 Manhattan.

Source: Pinterest
Pictured here is a graceful Meryl Streep in the film Manhattan back in 1979, (which was written, directed, and starred Woody Allen). This romantic comedy is often considered one of Allen’s best films and it tells the story of a twice-divorced 42-year-old comedy writer (Allen) who dates a 17-year-old girl (played by Mariel Hemingway). As if that wasn't scandalous enough, he ends up falling in love with his best friend's mistress (Diane Keaton).
Meryl Streep and Anne Byrne also star in this critically acclaimed film. Manhattan was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Hemingway and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for Allen and Brickman

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