The Photos of Silly Dogs That Will Make Your Day

There are two things 99.9% of the world's population love: dogs and the Internet. That, ladies and gentleman, is a fact (albeit an alternative one) so to feed your palpable thirst we've managed to compile some hilarious photos of dogs doing completely random things. 

It seems construction workers come from a variety of different backgrounds....
Working in construction is no easy gig, and between liaising with workers, engineers and making sure the building you're overseeing doesn't tumble to the ground, you're also on your feet all day. Well, unless you happen to be this cool pooch.

Strolling around like it owns the place, this dog may not have a clue what he's doing, but when you're a golden Labrador, the world is your oyster.

As do receptionists 
Dogs are known for being lithe and obedient, so it's no surprise recruitment officers have taken a liking to the breed.

Better still, they're incredibly useful in stressful situations, as this beautiful Dalmatian demonstrated.

There are moments in life, even for dogs, where everything gets a little too much
Modern-day life is stressful beyond belief, and there are many people who, after being told by the person they really love that the feeling isn't mutual and that their employment is coming to an end, simply can't do anything but shout to the heavens lamenting their existence.

But hey, it could be worse! You could be a dog who can't verbally express his disdain for life and is instead mistaken for being a happy pooch.
Not content to let the family have all the fun, this doggo got in the way of a group shot because why wouldn't you want to include them?

The look on their face as they are caught out though says it all. He knows he's in trouble.

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